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compliance management

The many rules and laws that business operations must comply with require companies to deal with complex operational environments. The penalty risk that the Company is exposed to may arise from violations of rules, laws, regulations, codes of conduct and/or market best practices. Compliance management allows for the proper management of operations, based on an understanding of processes and policies, their record keeping and constant monitoring.


Data Privacy Assessment 

Safety & Security Compliance Support

Anti-money Laundering Support

Corporate Liability Support

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Other services of IFI Advisory

security operation support

Professional services to protect 

the Company's assets and human

resources from business risks

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cyber management

Professional services to protect the

Company from the many risks associated

with the use of new technologies

and the protection of cyber space.

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reputational risk management

Services designed to protect the Company

from the risk of involvement in business

with counterparties having a potential

negative impact on corporate reputation.

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