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IFI Advisory is a risk management company that has provided its customers with high value-added consulting services for over 40 years. Founded in 1976, as an investigation company specializing in business information analysis in the banking & finance sector, IFI supported major national banking groups in checking the solvency of their business counterparts. The evolution of information systems and changing needs in the last decade have led the Company to expand its scope of activity to related sectors and acquire the necessary skills to meet new challenges posed by the market Indeed, Risk management has become a critical success factor in all sectors. Operational, financial, legal, non-compliance, health and safety and reputational risks have a common denominator: damage,

which is not only economic and not always easy to measure. For this reason, IFI Advisory has selected specific areas in which to use its expertise. We support our customers from the risk identification and definition stage to the implementation of related risk mitigation measures. To deal with this difficult task, the Company has subjected its own organization and methodology to a complex certification process to guarantee the highest standards and compliance with recognized best practice standards. Among them are UNI ISO 9001, ensuring organizational quality and efficiency; ISO 28000, to ensure compliance with international best practices regarding data and information management security; ISO 31000, to ensure reliable risk assessment methodology.

ISO 9001

Quality management system

ISO 28000

Security assurance and management system

ISO 31000

Risk management standards