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Dashboard Enterprise Risk Management

The DERM platform (Dashboard Enterprise Risk Management) offered by IFI Advisory meets the need (especially of medium to large-sized organizations) to optimize time limits and procedures for the management of their internal control system (seen in its broadest sense). The key components of DERM include the inspired idea to use open source and non-captive big data analysis in combination with corporate data to give a new perspective as opposed to mere quantitative and qualitative corporate data analysis. Integrated corporate data management allows management to have a clear view of the corporate security lifecycle – from the assessment of threats, asset vulnerability, personnel location, main crime and/or terrorist incidents that can cause damage. DERM offers guidance in drawing up a security risk assessment model and/or country evacuation plans and a clear view of the costs incurred and to be incurred to ensure the safe management of all company assets.

Other applications by IFI Advisory


Model to develop a risk assessment

framework and implement any

relevant mitigating measures

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Tool to assess the different logical,

Physical and management

vulnerabilities of corporate assets

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travel pack system

Information for the security of

personnel abroad showing the main

risks and providing recommendations

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due diligence

Platform to process Reputational Risk

Ratings and identify any legal,

economic and operational

issues relating to business counterparts

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Threat evaluation and estimation

with a comparative analysis

of the various risk factors

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