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due diligence

Integrity Due Diligence

The term due diligence relates to investigations into individuals/entities with the aim of detecting critical success factors, strengths and weaknesses, and, in particular, any risks that could prevent the investor from creating value. The careful assessment of business counterparts constitutes a priority control tool in recognized anti-corruption and anti-money laundering voluntary standards and best practices. The distinctive mark of IFI Advisory’s methodology is the evaluation of different types of risk: contextual risk, counterparty risk and economic risk, which are weighted in order to obtain an objective reputational risk rating system. The assigning of a quantitative rating is also critical to top management for liability immune purposes as the rating is not affected by analyst judgment.

Other applications by IFI Advisory


Model to develop a risk assessment

framework and implement any

relevant mitigating measures

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Managing and monitoring

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Physical and management

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travel pack system

Information for the security of

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Threat evaluation and estimation

with a comparative analysis

of the various risk factors

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