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Risk Assessment Model

Current legislation requires the employer to make “targeted” risk assessments that take into account the specific internal and external risks personnel are exposed to in their working environment. By giving a clearer idea of security as a discipline to manage, reduce or eliminate the risks arising from the actions of third parties. Italian legislative decree 81/08 (security and safety in the workplace) has introduced the requirement to evaluate sensitive assets and control standards for health and safety at work, also relating to “atypical” risks, i.e. risks from factors external to working activities. As the decree explicitly states, the employer is not allowed to transfer the risk assessment model obligation to someone else. IFI Advisory has developed the DERM-integrated computer tool to draw up a risk assessment model and support employers in the risk assessment process. Starting with a thorough and detailed analysis of the local context and an adequate description of the assets and operations involved, IFI Advisory’s methodology provides a deterministic assessment of the level of risk. The risk “quantification” will serve as the basis to develop a mitigation plan and fill any gaps in the security system and structure.

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