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Iraq: ongoing anti-governative protests in the main urban centres

Protests continue in various urban centres in Iraq (in particular, the capital and the cities of Basra, Nasiriyah, Najaf, al-Diwaniyah and Karbala), after first breaking out on 1 October. The protests were initially peaceful (with a high number of students taking part), but have progressively resulted in widespread violence and turmoil after Iraqi security forces […]

The evolution of al Qaeda, 18 years after the 11 September attacks

Eighteen years after the 11 September attacks, the original core leadership of al Qaeda has almost been completely neutralised. However, international events, particularly insurrections and conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East, have enabled the organization to reorganise and present itself with a different face that, in part, has also changed the perception of […]

Kenya: resta alta l’allerta terrorismo

Il 7 giugno 2019 le autorità keniote hanno confermato l’arresto di due soggetti sospettati di essere affiliati all’organizzazione terroristica somala al-Shabab e di aver pianificato un attacco presso l’hotel Hilton, situato all’interno del Central District Business (CDB) di Nairobi. L’arresto è avvenuto il 4 giugno 2019 dopo che i sospettati erano stati notati dal personale […]