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Dossier – Western Sahel

Mali’s President announced the launch of a new military operation (Maliko Operation) in the central and northern regions of the country. At the same time, on 2 February, the French government announced the envoy of 600 additional soldiers to the country (5,100 in total), deployed in Operation Barkhane. Extreme poverty, population growth, climate chance and […]

Ethiopia: suspected terrorists arrested

Ethiopia is a target of Islamic terrorism, but several factors make the risk of high-profile attacks moderate for the time being. The last significant operation ascribed to the Somali organisation al-Shabaab is the failed explosive attack in Addis Ababa (Bole area) in 2013 (only the attackers died). Although the group has not yet managed to […]

The evolution of al Qaeda, 18 years after the 11 September attacks

Eighteen years after the 11 September attacks, the original core leadership of al Qaeda has almost been completely neutralised. However, international events, particularly insurrections and conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East, have enabled the organization to reorganise and present itself with a different face that, in part, has also changed the perception of […]

The presumed death of Hamza Bin Laden

Anonymous US intelligence sources said yesterday that they had received reliable information regarding the presumed death of Osama Bin Laden’s son, Hamza Bin Laden. Rumours – spread by the New York Times too – say the United States played an important role in the death of one of the key men in the Al-Qaeda chain […]

The jihadist threat in India

Overview Since independence in 1947, internal conflict in India has resulted in various forms of religiously motivated terrorism with specific features. In the past few years, the Indian terror threat context has had global organisations like al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) as leading actors. For historical reasons, the jihadist threat in India primarily affects […]