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Covid-19 spread risk in the African continent

On 14 February 2020, the Egyptian health authorities officially confirmed a Covid-19 case in Egypt, the first in the country and in the entire African continent. The patient, a Chinese citizen travelling to Egypt, was identified upon entering the country during the health screenings currently in force at all Egyptian international airports. Since the beginning […]

Instability and security issues in the Latin American region

Background The events of 2019 are again indicative that Latin America is one of the world’s most violent areas. The record number of killings in Mexico, increased armed group activity and protests in Colombia, the overthrow of the government in Bolivia, the Venezuelan crisis and the ongoing turmoil in Chile are just some of the […]

Risk management and tourism operators

According to Italian legislation, tourism operators are also bound to guarantee adequate protection of travellers. The market offers different solutions to this end, not all of them up to the challenge.